Studies About Compression Vest for Kids With Sensory Issues

In order to understand the benefits of a compression vest to solve sensory issues, it’s fundamental to have a clear understanding between compression vest and Sensory Processing Disorder.

Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder
In this article, we are going to outline the Statistics and relationship that exist between SPD and ASO. For instance, The Star Institute makes an estimation based on their thorough research, that about 75% of kids with autism have a number of sensory processing disorder. If your child has been diagnosed with autism, his/her therapist might have suggested Compression vest to help with focus, hypersensitivity, and Self-stimulatory behaviors.

What is a Compression Vest?
If you don’t know the basic of what Compression vest is, it’s never complicated! It is a vest-like attire that is worn on top of the other clothing, with the addition of small weight placed on the pockets or sewn in the vest lining.

A compression vest gives a Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) which provides a calming and organizing effect on the kid. Occupational therapist, usually suggests this wearable clothing for kids who have autism to suppress the sensory disorder.

Studies on Compression Vest
A 2001 research Published in, American Journal of Occupational Therapy by Gary Bedell, Doreen Ferel-Day, Jim Hinojosa found that a positive impact was noted on the Compression vest and it lowered the Self-stimulatory behaviors.

The studies are done to test for the Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) goes handy with promoting respiration rates, blood pressure, heart rate and lowering anxiety. Because the main aim of using Compression vest is to target sensory system by increasing the level of inputs, it is ideal to relate the positive results from DTP as the case that would result in Product Specific Research.

Benefits of Using Compression Vest by Harkla
If you are a parent with a kid with Sensory disorder, then you know the best tool, approach or strategy to work your child with. A compression vest is never an exception! Here are 10 fundamental benefits that have been tabled by therapists, Compression vest wearers and parents:
-Increased focus/Attention
-Increased Seated Time-on-Task
-Decreased Self-Stimulatory Behaviors
-Promote Calm and Organization
-Decrease Hypersensitivity
-Reduce Anxiety
-Aid with Self-Regulation
-Reduced Frequency of Sensory Overload
-Improve Body Awareness
-Increase Therapeutic Carryover of Sensory diet Activities.

Best usage of a Compression Vest
The logic behind Compression Vest is to give the kid with exerted pressure to his/her joints and muscles as the tire pressure has been proved to calm and organize the sensory system. The following considerations should be followed:
-Make a point to always measure the results of the Compression Vest. This can be simply be done in coordination with the therapist.
-When setting up a Compression vest onto your kid, ensure to maintain a 5-10% of the kids’ weight. For example, if your kid is 40 IBS, the Compression Vest would stand at 2 to 4 IBS, This ensures you don’t over-strain the kid with too much weight.
-You need to generate a Compression Vest schedule in consultation with the kid’s OT.

Tips & Takeaways
Compression Vest can be so helpful to your kid with sensory issues when used appropriately in-accordance to your kid’s requirements. This vest by Harkla is one of the best that can help them while they’re young.